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hey there lovely, i'm katie fanore and i love these magical people. i really like fairy lights, tea, and winnie the pooh, and i wish i was tinkerbell. i think life is a wonderful thing. even though there are various are ups and downs, music & singing help get me through it all.♥

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my new vans :D
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The Unfamous Network has decided to have another Save Quality Day!
Quality Day is on September 6th! (It’s not a school day so no worries)
What will take place:
Lots of promos
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Get this post around to let everyone know there is an upcoming Save Quality Day!
Happy Reblogging and early Save Quality Day!

my tongue is making me uncomfortable
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*If you delete the text I will steal you’re wifi okay?*
Dear Tumblr People,
i know that a lot of us have made some bad mistakes and have done things that we’re not proud of. We all have things that we wish we could escape or just block out of our minds. But drugs and violence aren’t the answer. They don’t solve anything and only make the situation worse. Stay away from drugs and bad influences, no matter how tempting. Drugs are bad, unhealthy, and so much more. There are other, more healthy forms of escape. And violence is not morally right. Instead of throwing a punch, calm yourself down and remember that acting out like that isn’t right and only makes things worse.
You have the power within you to stay strong and avoid these kind of toxins. You alone have the power to ask for help if you need it.
Please remember all that I’ve said.
Arianna (aw-h)

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